12 Weird, Wild and Crazy Home Office Ideas

I’m thinking about redoing my home office, so I went online looking for inspiration. What did I find? Some weird, wild and crazy ideas! I don’t think I’ll implement any of these, except maybe the first one with an added indoor pool and some sunshine:

#1 For those days when you wish you were at the beach . . .


#2 If you have an old piano . . .


#3 A few packs of colored paper, and voila!


#4 Maybe you’re worried about aliens stealing your work in progress?


#5 A visit to the auto graveyard, and you could have this . . .


#6 or this!


#7 How about steampunk style!


#8 Buy a roll of sod and you could bring the outside in . . .


#9 A little exercise is a good thing . . .


#10 This is not such a good thing . . .


#11 This definitely is not a good thing !!


#12 And, finally,
when a deadline looms and you have to pull an “all-nighter” there’s this . . .


Which idea is your favorite?
Do you have any good ideas for my home office? Please share.



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2 responses to “12 Weird, Wild and Crazy Home Office Ideas

  1. klelange

    Wow, Jean, these ideas are unique! I guess I’ll settle for a more conventional design,complete with my usual stacks of papers. 🙂 Wishing you well on your redesign journey.

    Btw, have been meaning to tell you that I changed the comment settings on my blog. They may work for you now. Have a good week!


  2. LOL! Are these actual re-designs??? My creative juices would dry up in ten seconds with any one of these. For me, the ideal design is lots of desk space.


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