My Little Free Library—Pros and Cons

Three years ago, I asked a local high school shop teacher if his class would build a Little Free Library for me. They did—and this week my LFL turns three!

The pros of owning one of these little book boxes far outweigh the cons.

At the top of my pro list are the people—my “regulars.” Among them are the young woman who power walks to the library three times a week; the middle-aged man who drives a green car, wears a suit, and stops on Fridays, late in the afternoon; the old woman who walks with a cane whose husband drives her to the library on Sundays so she can return a book and take a new one. And “the dog people.” Dog people love the little jar of dog treats in my library. My favorite dog person is the elderly woman who walks an equally elderly and arthritic border collie. Daily, the pair ambles down the block to the library so the dog can enjoy a treat. The woman never takes a book, but the treats make her and the old dog happy. Sometimes, a dog person will leave a thank-you note and fill up the jar with treats— and that makes me happy.

1478931_274761989344628_414585271_nOther pros include the wide variety of books that end up in the library when visitors take a book and leave a book, the expressions of surprise and joy when people notice the library for the first time, and the fact that my Little Free Library has spawned three other LFLs in the neighborhood!

I’ve never had any vandalism to my Little Free Library; however, there are a few negatives to owning a box of books. I sometimes find advertisements, political campaign literature, and other flyers tucked among the books. I remove them. I have a policy of books only. A few times, the dog treats have disappeared—jar and all. And as much as I love children’s books, I’ve stopped buying them for the library because too often they aren’t returned or replaced with other children’s books.

If you’re thinking of getting your own Little Free Library, don’t let the cons discourage you. You will never be sorry to become a Little Free Library steward. Read more about it HERE.



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5 responses to “My Little Free Library—Pros and Cons

  1. Hi Jean – I’ve never seen one of these in our area. Perhaps I should post this to Facebook and spread the word. I’ve tweeted your post and shared it on Google+. 🙂


  2. I saw your post on the Christian author site on facebook. I’m a new author (of a Christian non-fiction book) and left a copy of my book at a local LFL. This LFL is actually outside a little store along side a popular bike path in my area. I put a note in it that I am a local author, and hoped it would catch someone’s attention.


  3. Diane Keys

    Thanks for your post. Very helpful. I have wanted one of these libraries for my own front yard and this Christmas, my wish came true. I can’t wait to fill it up. My neighborhood has at lest 40 children who can’t access a library right now due to Covid. I am a retired 4-6th grade teacher and I have shelves filled with children’s books. We also have several dog-walkers, so thank you for doggie treat idea. I do want to make sure there is nothing deposited that is inappropriate for children.


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