Five New Year Resolutions for Writers


happy-new-year-2017It’s that time again! Here are five resolutions
to get your writing off to a great start.
“I (your name goes here) resolve to . . .

8e355989e12212c3efde652892d26ce0“Set just one writing goal per week.”
Think about the big picture: what do you want to accomplish? State it in one simple sentence. Write it down. Working toward a weekly goal (Write one chapter in my WIP) can be less stressful and easier to accomplish than setting a series of smaller goals (Write 2500 words each day).

“Begin and end each writing session with a prayer.”
Spending quiet time in prayer eases you into your writing and helps you relax when you’re through. Think of it as a warm-up and cool down. Beginning and ending with a prayer also helps to set apart your writing time from other tasks.

4dcd288658631c6ed9f0ee71452af663“Schedule breaks.”
Long writing sessions can lead to losing your objectivity. Even a short break helps you refresh and regroup your thoughts.

“Take things one step at a time.”
Remember the fable about the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race! Just keep putting one keystroke after another as you work toward your weekly goal.

preview“Forgive myself.”
Nobody is perfect. There will be times when life gets in the way of reaching your goal. When that happens, sigh big. Say, “Oh, well.” Then move on.

Remember: Every new year is filled with 365 fresh starts.


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3 responses to “Five New Year Resolutions for Writers

  1. Saving and reviewing every day. Thank you.


  2. Good advice, Jean. I’m coming off a two-week Christmas break tomorrow. It gives me time to re-group and write posts for the coming weeks.


  3. I like the suggestion of starting and ending with prayer, that’s an excellent idea. Also, wording my goals differently to make them easier to accomplish, thanks.


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