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Fun Friday—6 Quizzes for Writers



Say the word, and what do you think of?


BuzzFeed quizzes are viral on Facebook, and I confess—I’ve re-posted several on my Fan Page.

I’m learning a lot about myself from quizzes. Why just last week I discovered that if I had lived in Bible times I would have been a magistrate! And that’s not all. I found out that my life resembles the classic novel, “Lord of the Rings.”

lord-of-the-rings-the-fellowship-of-the-ring-frodo-poster“An underdog in every sense of the word, Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS does a masterful job of playing out your struggles. Though you may not be the most intimidating of individuals, you are not weak – far from it. People are constantly trying to put you down in life, and you always manage to prove them wrong; Sometime even finding yourself on top. Life has taken you some very strange places, and you’ve developed a taste for the fantastic in the process. You’re determined, driven, and have a penchant for the surreal!”

Yup. That’s me!

So, let’s have fun with quizzes this week.

1. Over at Oxford Dictionaries you’ll find “What Kind of Writer are You?” And when you’ve finished that one, compare your results with BuzzFeed’s version.

2. Stay on BuzzFeed for a while for this quiz: “Which Contemporary Author Are You?”


3. Then head on over to The Guardian for a quiz about famous authors and their cats and dogs. Can you match the pen to the pet?

4. Still matching, The Airship wants to know if you can match authors with the odd jobs they worked at before they were famous.

5. If you’re looking for something more serious, Psychology Today offers a quiz where you can measure your observational intelligence.

6. And finally, literally, Legacy.com wonders if you can match writers with their famous last words.



Are you addicted to quizzes?

At Human Metrics, you can take a quiz and plug in information about your characters to discover their personality types. And, back where we started at BuzzFeed you can peruse an entire list of quizzes related to books and authors.





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