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Around the World– “Glamping” Retreats for Writers

“Glamping”, or “glamorous camping”, is a popular retreat option among artists and writers. Glamping isn’t traditional camping, instead it means vacationing in a small space with amenities you wouldn’t find in a campground. What better way to get inspired than by staying in amazing and unusual places in some of the world’s most beautiful and remote areas?

Check it out!

How about a woodland treepod? The inside of this one in Cornwall, United Kingdom doesn’t appear very writer friendly, but look at the surroundings. Who wouldn’t want that!


If Sci-Fi is your thing, then there’s this UFO in Norrbotten, Sweden. It comes with its own retractable ladder. (But you’ll need to provide the steam to fuel your work-in-progress. “Welcome, Earthlings. Writer on board.”)


Those with a more eclectic and exotic style can book a stay in this Indian-inspired “folly room” in Rhône, France. All decked out with flamboyant trinkets and curiosities, there’s even an elephant in the room! Windows overlook the Beaujolais hills.


Maybe you want some tent “glam”? Consider this one, the “Imagination Yurt” in Baixo Alentejo, Portugal. This tent has it all: a private beach, resident peacocks, WiFi, electric lighting, double canopy bed and and an ensuite bathroom. Now, that’s glamping!


Maybe ice-cold, Arctic nights and the Northern Lights are your thing. There’s a glamping getaway for that, too, Esko’s Cabin On the Lake (literally) in Inari, Finland. This heated pod comes with a private bathroom and Esko, your host, who tows your pod by snowmobile onto the ice-covered lake.


It’s back to the United Kingdom for the last stop on our glamping tour. I write freelance for Christian publishers, so this would be my choice for the perfect glamping retreat. Angels Tabernacle in Herefordshire, United Kingdom. Isn’t it quaint? I’m inspired. How about you?



I found the places featured in this post at Canopy & Stars.  Check out their website for more about these and other glamping places.

Are you a writing glamper? Tell us about your favorite spaces.

Until next time, Friends—
Write on!



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