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Ten Unique Little Free Libraries

LFLIf you’ve read my blog for a while, then you know that I’m a big fan of Little Free Libraries. I’ve had one in my front yard for several years.

The first Little Free Library was created in Wisconsin in 2009. Since then, Little Free Libraries have popped up all over the world, and stewards (that’s what LFL owners are called) have gotten creative with their designs.

Here are ten of my favorites.

I love this bright painterly Little Free Library.
Wouldn’t it look nice in a garden?

Adding a reading bench is a great idea!
This LFL matches the house.

Here’s one with a movie theater theme.
I wonder what’s inside.

This brick Little Free Library is a beauty!
The work of a skilled craftsman (or woman).

A repurposed grandfather’s clock.
This might be my most favorite.

What to do with what’s left of a tree trunk?
Turn it into a Little Free Library!

Somewhere in London,
someone made an old phone booth into a LFL.

Down on the farm
there’s a rooster-themed Little Free Library.

This one is certainly unique.
Heads up!

And, the most creative one of all—
I’m not sure what to think . . .

Which one is your favorite?


There’s even a Little Free Library song!
Here’s  Jack Pearson’s “Little Free Library”.


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