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Social Media How-to’s For Writers


If you are befuddled about social media, and even if you’re not, Author Media is a website you should know about. It’s a site dedicated to growing your platform online. If you don’t have the Author Media Blog in your bookmarks, you should. It’s loaded with information about engaging your readers through social media.

Maybe you aren’t technologically savvy, or maybe you need help marketing your books on social media websites. Here are a few links just for you.

“How to Market Your Book on Pinterest”

Author Adrienne Erin explains what Pinterest is and how it can be helpful for marketing your books.

“Pinterest is one of the more creative outlets. Members of Pinterest already have a more creative mindset. They are on the site to organize cool and creative ideas and trends. By following some of these easy tricks, you can make yourself and your new novel stay on top of the latest trends and on your followers’ minds.”

“Is Pinterest Right for You?

Blogger Shaney Lee asks five questions that will help you to decide.

“Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networks and brings in lots of referral traffic to blogs (according to one study, more traffic comes from Pinterest than Twitter). While one tweet may bring in traffic to your blog for a day, a pin could bring traffic to your blog for months.”

“How to Set Up Your Google+ Account”

A straightforward, step-by-step guide from computer guru, Daniel James.

“Google+ is a thriving and robust hub of social interaction that many people, including myself, use as their primary social media platform. It’s the social layer that ties all of Google’s various services, such as Gmail, YouTube, Photos, Drive, and Maps, together.”

“How to Create a Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps”

Thomas Umstattd Jr., CEO of Castle Media Group, the parent company of Author Media, provides a quick-start guide to starting a Facebook Fan Page.

“Pages, or Fan Pages as some people call them, are one of the best ways to promote your book or cause on Facebook.”

“How to Set Up a Professional Twitter Profile”

Shaney Lee again; this time she offers eight tips for setting up a Twitter profile.

“When I finally did join Twitter, I was amazed. In just six months, I’ve ended up with free books, connected with some of my favorite bloggers, and been offered guest posting opportunities.”

Get familiar with the Author Media website. Use its search bar. If it’s about social media, it’s in there!


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