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Aspiring Writers on Social Media—Think Before You Post

If you are an aspiring writer, you know that social media is an important tool for connecting with writers, editors, agents, and the publishing world in general. Connecting on sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others, can help you build a community around your interest in writing. This can be an important first step toward publication and then, once you are published, social media will also help you connect with readers and market your book.

How you interact on social media is just as important as your presence there. The critical thing to remember is this: Think before you post.

I’ll use Facebook as an example here, but the idea extends to all forms of social media.

As an aspiring writer on Facebook, you will probably join writers’ groups where you can interact with other aspiring and published authors. These groups are a great way to connect, share information, learn the publishing process, and even meet editors and agents. The connections you make in these groups might also become Facebook “friends”. You send and accept friend requests, and then you interact with these people on your profile along with your family members, neighbors, friends from high school, etc . . .

And this is when things can get sticky.

Think about who your “friends” are. Have you added friends who are editors or agents? Do you have friends who work in the industry and might connect you with someone who can help you get published? Remember that these key connections see everything on your status. How you present yourself there can be an indicator of how it might be to work with you.

Think before you post.

Your key connections will see how often your posts are negative or complaining.

A positive attitude is an indicator that you might be easy to work with.

Your key connections will notice how you interact with comments.

How do you react if someone disagrees with something you post? An important part of working with editors and agents is being open to criticism and dealing with it professionally. Agents and editor “friends” on social media might notice if you are polite, careful, and thoughtful in your responses.

Do you engage in disrespectful speech or gossip?

Talking disrespectfully about others, especially other writers, agents, editors, publishing houses, is never helpful. What you say publicly does matter and does get remembered.

When you post about yourself, do you show you are confident but also humble?

Confidence in your abilities indicates you don’t give up easily. Humility shows your willingness to learn. You need both confidence and humility when working with editors and agents, especially on that first book.

What about your personal beliefs?

Think about how much you want to share with those key connections (editors, agents) about your politics or other ideas that might be controversial.

The takeaway is this: If you are serious about getting your book published and you post on social media sites, remember that “friends” on social media might extend beyond those you know personally. If you have invited agents, editors and others in the industry to interact with you on social media, remember they see everything you post. Think before you post. Ask yourself, “Is this something I should share with someone I want to work for?


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Social Media How-to’s For Writers


If you are befuddled about social media, and even if you’re not, Author Media is a website you should know about. It’s a site dedicated to growing your platform online. If you don’t have the Author Media Blog in your bookmarks, you should. It’s loaded with information about engaging your readers through social media.

Maybe you aren’t technologically savvy, or maybe you need help marketing your books on social media websites. Here are a few links just for you.

“How to Market Your Book on Pinterest”

Author Adrienne Erin explains what Pinterest is and how it can be helpful for marketing your books.

“Pinterest is one of the more creative outlets. Members of Pinterest already have a more creative mindset. They are on the site to organize cool and creative ideas and trends. By following some of these easy tricks, you can make yourself and your new novel stay on top of the latest trends and on your followers’ minds.”

“Is Pinterest Right for You?

Blogger Shaney Lee asks five questions that will help you to decide.

“Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networks and brings in lots of referral traffic to blogs (according to one study, more traffic comes from Pinterest than Twitter). While one tweet may bring in traffic to your blog for a day, a pin could bring traffic to your blog for months.”

“How to Set Up Your Google+ Account”

A straightforward, step-by-step guide from computer guru, Daniel James.

“Google+ is a thriving and robust hub of social interaction that many people, including myself, use as their primary social media platform. It’s the social layer that ties all of Google’s various services, such as Gmail, YouTube, Photos, Drive, and Maps, together.”

“How to Create a Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps”

Thomas Umstattd Jr., CEO of Castle Media Group, the parent company of Author Media, provides a quick-start guide to starting a Facebook Fan Page.

“Pages, or Fan Pages as some people call them, are one of the best ways to promote your book or cause on Facebook.”

“How to Set Up a Professional Twitter Profile”

Shaney Lee again; this time she offers eight tips for setting up a Twitter profile.

“When I finally did join Twitter, I was amazed. In just six months, I’ve ended up with free books, connected with some of my favorite bloggers, and been offered guest posting opportunities.”

Get familiar with the Author Media website. Use its search bar. If it’s about social media, it’s in there!


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3 Reasons Why Writers Should “Google” the News

image_new.phpEvery morning before I begin to write, I “google” the news for articles about writing and books. I plug in key words (like “writer,” “writing,” “writes,” “books”) and select the News filter. Then I limit my search to articles published within the current week. I am never at a loss to find a plethora of writing-related articles. For example, this morning’s search led me to:

“Wander the streets of Paris to find homes of writers with N.O. (New Orleans) ties”

“13 of the Most Annoying Writers You’ll Ever Meet”

“Some Ancient Assyrians Ignored the Advent of Writing for Thousands of Years”

“The nourishing quality of books”

Why is it important to google current news about writing?

1. It expands a writer’s perspective.

Writers can get too comfortable in their own writing world. They need to step outside and see what’s going on in the broad world of writing.

2. It cracks open Writers’ Block.

Sometimes writers get stuck inside their own heads— writer’s block! Reading about writers and writing can break that block wide open and offer fresh, new points of view.

3. It inspires.

Writing is a lonely profession. Discovering what other writers are thinking and doing inspires creativity. Googling the news can also lead writers to writing events near where they live.

031af4755ae7cc1cd3e91b247a816b02Do I hear you saying, “But I don’t have time to Google the news!”  Then, let me help you.

I post links to articles on my Facebook page,

Jean Fischer, Writer/Consultant.

Head on over there and “Like” the page. Then check back often to see what’s new.


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