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A Writer’s Wish List for When Your Spouse Says, “Honey, What Do You Want for Christmas?”


When your spouse, or significant other, asks, “Honey, what do you want for Christmas?” here are some suggestions.

A Writer’s Retreat
Writers’ retreats can be as extreme as a cruise or as simple as a few days at an Airbnb.

A Writer’s Conference, Seminar, or Class
If you Google conferences, seminars, or writing courses for 2017, you’ll find many to choose from.

awm_primarylogo_195x195A Literary Trip
Travel to the setting of your favorite novel, or the setting of your work-in progress. Visit literary landmarks throughout the USA. Be one of the first to visit the American Writers Museum, opening in Chicago in 2017.

Take a virtual tour online.

A New Laptop Computer
A laptop allows you to take your work with you wherever you go. If you already have one, then add to your gift list a carrying case or sleeve.

Professional Feedback
How about a consult with a literary agent, or hiring an editor to help with your work-in-progress?

postcards-002Business Cards and Other Promotional Items
Vistaprint makes it easy to design your own business cards, and it’s affordable! Use their designs, or your own. Add a calendar, tip table, or other information on the back side. Check out other options like their marketing materials for book signings, etc. Along with competitive pricing, Vistaprint ships fast.

New Software
Is your software old? Add an upgrade to your gift list. Or ask for new software to make your writing tasks easier.

Noise-cancelling headphones
If you want to shut out distracting sounds, get some noise-cancelling headphones. You can listen to music while you write, or write in silence. Check out ten recommendations.

Your Own Website
Ask your honey for the gift of a professionally designed web site. Every author needs one!

office-makeover-reveal-4Home Office Makeover
Start the new year by giving your home office a fresh look. Some paint, new carpeting, bookshelves, maybe a new desk . . . put these on the “honey-do” list, or hire a professional.

Take a look at this makeover from “Love Grows Wild.”

A Writer’s Shed
Every writer wants one of these. A quick search on the Internet will provide you with plenty of options from plans to prefab. And don’t forget about big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Garden sheds are easily converted to outdoor office spaces.

Cleaning Service
A cleaning service takes a big item off your weekly to-do list and frees up more time for writing. Angie’s List offers tips on finding a reputable cleaning service near you.

A Virtual Assistant
This won’t cost your honey a dime—if he or she is willing to to do your grunt work: printing, mailing, schlepping to the store for supplies and other tasks that whittle away your writing time.

Peace and Quiet
Ask your honey for peace and quiet. Have him or her take the kids out, once a week, so you can have a few hours of uninterrupted writing time. BONUS: Your kids will love spending fun time with one parent while the other writes.

11388026183_18186c3f74_o-copyDon’t forget coffee and chocolate!
A coffee gift card is always a good gift for writers. Or how about one of those fancy coffee makers so you can have espresso or lattes at home? And chocolate—ask your honey to fill your Christmas stocking with chocolate to snack on while you write.

How to drop a big hint to your honey: Vistaprint has blank gift certificates starting at $2.79/10. Order today. Then print out this list and leave it along with the gift certificates where your honey will find them. What happens next—is a surprise.

Good luck!


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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers and Book Lovers


My post last year, 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Writers, was so popular that I’m doing it again–only bigger and better! The following links will lead you to tons of gift ideas for writers and book lovers.

charlotte_s_web_book_earrings_grandeBookish Gifts 
Fun and unique literary-themed gifts for book lovers, readers, writers and librarians. My favorites are the book cover earrings. (You can find more book cover earrings on Etsy. Some vendors will custom make them for any cover you want.)

Craft Your Content
15 Holiday Gifts for Writers and Entrepreneurs. You can’t go wrong with a coffee shop gift card and some noise-canceling earbuds.

51Cs4aMSzlLAerogramme Writers’ Studio
30 Gifts Under $30 for Writers and Book Lovers. How about some Jane Austen bandages or “Doodling for Bookworms” (50 inspiring doodle prompts for literature buffs)?

The Literary Gift Company
This company from the UK (they ship to the US) has just about anything you can imagine for your writer or bookish friends, like Shakespeare cookie cutters and bookshelf-themed wrapping paper.

peel_blue_grandeCompletely Novel
8 Unique Gifts for Writers. You might find something here that you hadn’t thought of: a gift certificate for a manuscript appraisal, a stick-on whiteboard, or if you are a big spender—a writer’s shed!

You’ll find some practical ideas here like gift certificates for your undivided attention, a computer tune-up, or a membership to a professional association.

il_570xN.839789926_d6buEBook Friendly
50 Best Literary Gifts for a Modern-Day Book Lover. More links to sites with unique gifts for writers. How about some book-scented room sprays and candles?

The next two are pricey, but I love them both.

Blue-Tobacco-Barn-Red-BowLittle Free Library
If you buy or build one of these for your favorite author or book lover it will be the best gift ever—and one that keeps on giving. I have a Little Free Library, and you need one, too 😉

Wallpaper Direct

has a few wallpaper murals that are book-themed. I want this one for my office!


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Happy shopping!


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More Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers—12 Games They Might Like

imagesMy previous post, “10 Unique Gift Ideas for Writers” was so popular that I’ve decided to share a few more ideas, this time games that writers might enjoy.

41yUXInYzaL1. FICTIONAIRE A dictionary-quiz card game by Days of Wonder
A player chooses a word card without knowing the word’s definition. Opponents have the correct definition, and they earn points trying to confuse the player by giving either a bogus or correct definition of the word.

Available on Amazon for $7.79 and Free Shipping [Note: I’m listing as the source for these games, but they may be available in other stores eiither online or brick and mortar.]

71jBe79IrrL._SL1194_2. WORD ON THE STREET A Hilarious Tug of Words by Out of the Box
On each turn, one team flips over a category card. Team members frantically brainstorm words that fit the category while the opposition tries to sidetrack them. The team must agree on a word and pull each letter of that word one lane closer to their side of the street, all before the time runs out.

Available on Amazon $15.58 plus shipping

81+PwgtKGUL._SL1500_3. CATCH PHRASE An electronic idiom game by Hasbro
Players try to get other players to guess idioms like “No-brainer” without saying the words “no” or “brain”? Players can gesture or use any other words they want, but they have to do it fast and say it before time runs out.

Also available in a “decades” version.

Available on Amazon $17.67 plus shipping

81Mec11e-rL._SL1165_4. YOU’LL NEVER GUESS Board Game by Game Development Group
You might get some character/setting inspiration while playing this game in which players make up their own questions to guess what another player is pretending to be, or where they are, and much more…

Available on Amazon $26.99 plus shipping

71YMSH7ZqjL._SL1200_5. WHAT’S YOURS LIKE? by Patch Products, Inc.
Bump up your descriptive skills with this game in which everyone but the player in the hot seat knows what the “guess noun” is. Other players describe what theirs is like and the hot seat player tries to guess the noun.

Available on Amazon $21.19 plus shipping


6. REMEMORY by Storymatic
Great for memoir writers, Rememory is a card activity that helps players recall their memories and life stories.

Also check out Storymatic Classic activity cards.

Available on Amazon $23.95 plus shipping

And here are a few more.

7. Scrabble, multiple versions by Hasbro

8. Apples to Apples by Out of the Box

9. Boggle by Hasbro

10. BuyWord by Face-to-Face Games

11. Balderdash by Mattel

12. Typo by University Games

Do you have a favorite word game that’s not listed here? Leave a comment and let us know.



*NOTE: Any ads appearing in this post were not put there by me nor do I endorse them. WordPress sometimes posts ads in exchange for hosting this free blog.

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