4 responses to “Should I Keep Writing or Give Up?

  1. This is a great and realistic post! I think the development of blogs and self-publishing has made “everyone” think they are a writer, but not everyone is. Some may have skill, but if they are not writers at heart, they will not last. I shared this in a post I wrote:

    “Some approached blogging as a way to make money or build an audience to get a book contract. Hoping for income or a book contract is not wrong in itself, but if it is your primary purpose – the primary underlying motive you have for blogging – then it will not sustain you. I think these things should be a secondary purpose, not primary. Why are you blogging? I think writing first and foremost for yourself is important. What? Am I contradicting myself? Christianity should not have a self focus! By writing for yourself, I do not mean in a selfish or self-centered way, but that your desire and purpose for writing comes from within and anchors you – rather than you drifting about, reliant on certain outward results – income, popularity, a book contract.”

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  2. Hi Jean – This is so timely for me. I often go back to the early days and remember the reasons I began this journey. There have been many bumps in the road, but I have no regrets. During this difficult season of life, I find keeping my expectations on productivity realistic works best.

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