8 Tips for Bible Art Journaling

5149c2f727bcf39346d8c5e49c2389bbMove over scrapbooking, make room for the new trend—bible art journaling. Christians everywhere are combining their art talents with scripture to create beautiful illustrated bibles.

Colored pens, watercolors and stickers are just a few on the list of journaling supplies. Some artists even create digital art on their computers and then affix it to the journal pages.

In their newsletter this week, Faith Gateway suggested eight tips for bible art journaling:

1. Use the right pen: Look for a pen designed for bible journaling to minimize bleedthrough and tears. There are many options in plenty of colors. Or, try your hand at colored pencils, which make a great alternative to pens.

2. Practice on scrap paper: Learn key factors like spacing and ink drying time before you make your mark on your bible.

3. Use back pages: When you get comfortable and want to move to bible paper, try the pages in the back to help build confidence.

washi4. Integrate Washi tape: Just a little tape under favorite verses and around the edge adds a lot of interest to the pages

5. Peel and stick: You name it, there is a sticker for it. From letters and pictures, to shapes, ribbons, and designs. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to brighten your pages with stickers.

6. Stencil and stamp: Just like stickers, there are endless options in these categories to enhance your bible without having an art degree.

7. Appreciate the paper: Use the translucency to your advantage by tracing your favorite images directly onto the bible paper.

8. Don’t stress about mistakes: You will make them – learn and let go of perfection!

. . .  and I’ll add one more: Don’t worry about creating professional-looking, complicated artwork. Simple is beautiful, too.

simple(photo © Barbara Ford 2015)

Are you ready to try art journaling? Here are two new bibles to get you started..

BWcoverZondervan’s Beautiful Word bibles offer 500 illustrated verses plus pages where you can create your own art.

See more. CLICK HERE.


The Inspire bible, by Tyndale, combines bible art journaling with an adult coloring book. (I like this idea!) Use colored pencils or other media to color the line art in the margins. Then add to the art using your own ideas.

Inspirecover  inspireinside
(Available on March 22 from your favorite bookseller.)

Have you tried bible art journaling? Classes and art journaling groups, like Illustrated Faith, are showing up everywhere. Find one in your community or start one of your own.




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2 responses to “8 Tips for Bible Art Journaling

  1. klelange

    This is a lovely idea. I know my daughter would probably like this. Maybe I’ll even try it one of these days. Thanks for sharing, Jean! 🙂

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