10 Questions for Aspiring Writers

Does pushing toward the goal of publication leave you feeling tired and lacking enthusiasm? Do you feel like quitting? Take time to ponder the following questions. Really think about them! They will help you to focus on where you are headed as a writer and a few things you might want to change.

  1. Why do you want to write?
    Think about what, or Who, is at the core of your soul. What motivates you, and how does that affect your desire to write?
  1. Where are your weak spots?
    Be honest with yourself. Think not only about where your writing needs work, but also your persona. (Do you give up too easily? Push yourself too hard? Expect too much too soon?) Your ability to improve becomes stronger when you acknowledge imperfection.
  1. What are you doing to become an even better writer?
    Did you notice that I said “even better?” Give yourself credit. Remember that nobody is perfect. Attitude and the willingness to make changes are keys to success.
  1. Can you write just for the fun of it?
    If you hone your craft only to please an audience it can take the soul out of your work.
  1. How much time do you spend connecting with your motivation?
    It’s okay if you don’t have time to write every day. What’s important is that you make time to connect with whatever motivates you to write. How can you keep the desire to write burning inside your heart?
  1. If your work is rejected multiple times will you give up?
    Think of your soul as needing a coat of armor. With what will you build it?
  1. Are you learning about the publishing industry?
    Writing is fun and creative, but publishing is business. What are you doing to learn the business side of writing?
  1. Are you networking with other writers?
    Writing is a solitary act, but the business of writing needs company.
  1. When you read, do you think about the art of writing? Think of every book in every genre as your teacher. Study how the writer uses his or her words to reach the reader’s soul.
  1. What do you want your legacy to be?
    With hard work, and some luck, maybe someday you’ll have a book on the bestseller list. But if that doesn’t happen will your legacy be one of failure, or of success? That’s entirely up to you.

Now, go back and answer the first question again:
Why do you want to write?


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