Five Ways to Break Out of a Writer’s Slump

Are you a discouraged writer?
It’s a rocky road to publication. But today is a new day! You can wipe the slate clean and begin again with a fresh and positive attitude.

Try these unique ways to break out of your writer’s slump.

1. Embrace Kindness.
Pick up a bunch of cards at a dollar store. Write encouraging poems or messages inside. Then drop them off at a rehabilitation center or hospital for the staff to distribute to patients. When you write, be creative. Focus on encouragement with a touch of humor.

2. Practice Compassion.
Think of someone you know who is going through a tough time: an illness or death in the family, caring for an elderly parent, a divorce, financial trouble . . . Write a compassionate letter to that person and send it or deliver it in person. Take your time with this one. Sharpen your revising skills.

3. Stand Up for Justice.
Think of a topic that makes you react strongly: politics, religion, social justice . . . Craft and send an opinion editorial or a letter to the editor of a newspaper. Before you write ask yourself, “How can I write to persuade and not offend?”

4. Encourage Others.
Start a writer’s coffee group. Meet over coffee to ask for help, offer hope and listen with your heart. Take a fresh approach. Instead of meeting to critique each other’s writing, meet to share information about the business of writing: proposals, agents, markets, self publishing . . . Share what you’ve learned and work for the common good—Not just getting published, but also staying encouraged through the process.

5. Be Good to Yourself.
Squash that little voice inside that says, “You’re not a writer. You might as well quit.” Imagine: If that voice were a despicable character in your novel how would you get rid of him or her? Hold that image in your head whenever you think that you can’t write.

Love yourself, stay positive,
Be the kind of writer that you want the world to see.


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6 responses to “Five Ways to Break Out of a Writer’s Slump

  1. These are excellent suggestions, Jean. Thank you for your support and encouragement! 🙂


  2. Hi Jean – I particularly liked #4. While critique groups are great, sometimes you need encouragement and information. Thanks for the tips. Blessings, Susan P.S. I’ll be linking to this post on 8/7/15.


  3. Cecelia Lester

    I foud the link to this on Susan’s blog. I like the idea of actively doing something to get through writer’s block. I recently went to a coffee/tea shop over by our University. I had the idea of returning and asking if it would be all right for me to go there and do some writing. This week, I did just that. The manager told me that it would be fine with her. She also told me there were a couple of other writers who did this. For me this fits into #5.


    • I love writing in coffee shops, Cecelia. They are great places to meet other writers.Our Barnes and Noble has a Starbucks inside and I’ve seen writers writing there as well as in the smaller coffee shops.


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