You Know You’re a Writer When . . .

How would you answer if someone asked,
“How do you know you’re a writer?”

Last week, I stumbled, or maybe I should say tumbled, into a Tumblr blog called You Know You’re a Writer When . . . It’s a site where visitors can finish the sentence and then upload it onto a colorful cyber Post-It note:

Writers contribute thoughts like:

You know you’re a writer when . . .

• you laugh randomly in public when you play out a witty comment for your story in your head.

• you’ve gone so far as to see how your characters would respond to their natural environments, like subjecting yourself to freezing cold.

• it drives you crazy that URLs don’t include apostrophes.

• you know your characters better than you know yourself.

• nobody worries that the browsing history on your computer includes ways to kill people.

• you wonder if you put all of the characters you’ve ever created into a book together who would kill whom first.

• you are struck by a plot twist during a meeting at work so you excuse yourself to the bathroom so you can type your ideas into your smart phone.

• you look at every person as a potential character and every conversation as dialogue.

• your characters talk to each other in your head.

• your characters plot against you when they don’t like your plot!

• you keep a mirror near your computer so you can test your characters’ facial expressions.

That’s what THEY said. Now it’s your turn—
come on, you know you want to.
Finish the sentence:

You know you’re a writer when . . .


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6 responses to “You Know You’re a Writer When . . .

  1. klelange

    Ah, Jean, this is so true! I know I’m a writer when I am composing articles and other writing ideas everywhere, from the shower to the grocery store. 🙂


  2. I know I’m a writer when I see an outfit and think, “that would look good on my heroine.”


  3. Cecelia Lester

    I know I’m a writer when, I get upset seeing misspelled words and punctuation errors in public and when I find the same kind of errors in the daily newspaper.


  4. Victoria Marie Lees

    Wonderful information here, Jean. Thanks for sharing this. I liked your facebook page and really like the page. If you could reciprocate, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for sharing this.


  5. Leiana Day (penname)

    You know you’re a writer when you get out of bed in the middle of the night because your dream sparked a story idea


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