Six Unusual Writing Studios

I dream of having a writer’s cabin,
something cozy,
in the woods,
overlooking a peaceful
inland lake.
That’s my idea of perfect.

What kind of studio do you dream of?

Maybe you would like to write in this ultra-modern studio suspended from a concrete canopy.

This False Bay writer’s cabin would be perfect if it had a moat. Then you could shut out intruders while you write.

Or, you could be on the lookout for intruders in this studio with its “nose” set on a big rock.

How about this “transparent” writer’s studio in the middle of nowhere? It’s all done with mirrors.

(If modern is your style, then check out a few more writer’s cabins

Here’s a colorful writer’s studio that you can take with you wherever you go. But be prepared for gawkers.

And I like this one. A husband built a micro writing shed for his wife in their backyard.

I’d be claustrophobic. How about you.

Which is my favorite? None of the above.
I’d prefer something more conventional
like Neil Gaiman’s writing gazebo.

You can read more about it (and the studios of 15 other famous men) in this article from The Art of Manliness.

So, there you have it. Some inspiration
for your your dream writing studio.
Until next time—

Wherever you write . . .Happy writing!


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5 responses to “Six Unusual Writing Studios

  1. I like the gazebo that was last! I’d like to have a bathroom in it, or I’d probably get side tracked when I left the cabin. And I hated the little shed attached to the house. Claustrophobic? Yes!


  2. These studios are all very inspiring and desirable to me personally – I’d love my perfect studio to be in the middle of the woods surrounded by animals and nature or with a view of the sea. I once lived in Naples in Italy and had a view of Vesuvius the volcano and Capri which was very inspiring for my writing…and lucky!


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  5. I like the last one. It looks like a gazebo and has such an awesome view of its surroundings.


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