Writers, What’s Your Ambiance?

Untitled-1I love writing in the ambiance of a coffee shop: the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the sounds of conversation and classical music or light jazz. But I’m a person easily distracted. I can’t resist listening in on conversations or looking up to see who’s just come through the door. In a coffee shop, I don’t get much done.

Enter “Coffitivity,” an app that brings the coffee shop enviornment into your home office. “Coffitivity” provides several endless loops of coffee shop sounds: “Morning Murmur,” “Lunchtime Lounge,” and “University Undertones.” Studies show that these sounds combined with music increase creativity.

Here’s what Science Times has to say?

When adding music to the coffee shop ambiance, my first choice is Pandora Internet Radio. Pandora, like Coffitivity, is free. Type in the name of a music genre, artist, song, or composer, and Pandora builds a playlist for you.  It’s easy to combine Pandora’s music with Coffitivity by keeping both sites open.

And, finally, what’s a coffee shop without coffee? To complete the coffee shop ambiance, I use this simple method for making a latte at home.

So, writers, weigh in. What’s your ambiance?


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2 responses to “Writers, What’s Your Ambiance?

  1. Hi Jean –

    I need absolute quiet when I write. My ideal ambiance is my home office. No talking. No music. Nothing. 🙂


  2. Like you, I am easily distracted so I prefer my home office. A little soft music in the background is nice depending on what I am working on. 🙂

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