Another Awesome Word Site

Hello, writer friends.

This week, I’ve found another word website to share with you. It’s alpha, and it’s so chock full of interesting information about words that I don’t know where to begin.

Dr. Robert Beard is your host on this site. He holds a PhD in Linguistics and is affectionately known as Dr. Goodword. Beard has been making dictionaries, creating word lists, and writing poetry for 40 years. For five years he wrote the Word of the Day at

If you need foreign language words, you’ll find them here in the Language Directory. Interested in word history? You’ll find plenty of words to peruse in the Good Word Dictionary. You can read articles about words and language in Dr. Goodword’s Office. Word games are here, too, in Fun with Words, and if you like connecting with others to discuss language, then check out the boards in Alpha Agora. There’s even a section for kids!

Take some time, this week, to visit alpha You’re sure to find something here that will make you an even better writer. To get you started, here are the first 20 words from Beard’s “100 of the Funniest Words in English.”

Abibliophobia—The fear of running out of reading material.

Absquatulate—To leave or abscond with something.

Allegator—Some who alleges.

Anencephalous—Lacking a brain.

Argle-bargle—A loud row or quarrel.

Batrachomyomachy—Making a mountain out of a molehill.

Billingsgate—Loud, raucous profanity.

Bloviate—To speak pompously or brag.

Blunderbuss—A gun with a flared muzzle or disorganized activity.

Borborygm—A rumbling of the stomach.

Boustrophedon—A back and forth pattern.

Bowyang—A strap that holds the pants legs in place.

Brouhaha—An uproar.

Bumbershoot—An umbrella.

Callipygian—Having an attractive rear end.

Canoodle—To hug and kiss.

Cantankerous—Testy, grumpy.


Cockalorum—A small, haughty man.

Cockamamie—Absurd, outlandish.

Until next time, friends—Write on!



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3 responses to “Another Awesome Word Site

  1. Chris

    Oh dear…”holding the ‘garmet’ together?” I had to smile.

  2. klelange

    What a great find! Off to check it out now. Thanks, Jean! 🙂

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