7 Fun Ways to Stay Warm in Your Home Office

Is your home office drafty and cold? Here are some fun ways to add warmth to your writing space.

1. Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer. A laptop combined with some extra clothing layers will keep you toasty warm.


2. If you’re stuck with a desktop computer, then invest in some heated USB gadgets like a heated mouse and keyboard, shoulder wrap, chair pad and slippers.

3. Does your home office have a fireplace? Most don’t. The next best thing is to keep this virtual fireplace open on your desktop.

4. Warm up your insides by spicing up your morning coffee. Yummly has 300+ recipes that you can try. How about starting with this Deep, Rich Mexican Hot Chocolate?


5. If your home office is really drafty, make a blanket fort to write in.


6. Or, you could get a cat; cats love to cuddle when writers write.


7. And if all else fails—read a book that warms your heart, or even better WRITE one!


Stay warm, my friends, and write on!



My memoir, An Issue of Blood–Facing Uterine Cancer with Faith, is now available as an ebook for just $2.99. You can also buy it in paperback through Amazon.com, or your favorite bookseller.


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2 responses to “7 Fun Ways to Stay Warm in Your Home Office

  1. These are great ideas, Jean. My office has been cold lately – we’ve had chilly weather here too (although not as cold as yours, I suspect). I have had a blanket on my lap and a fleece jacket draped over my shoulders to stay warm. My office is my middle son’s former bedroom – it’s the warmest room in the summer and the coldest in winter – so I often joke that it’s no wonder he moved out! 🙂

    Thanks for the ideas. Stay toasty!

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