My Top 4 Favorite Blogs for Writers

Hello, and happy 2014!

back-from-hiatusAfter a long hiatus, I’m back. The last quarter of 2013 was extraordinarily busy with multiple writing projects and tight deadlines. In addition to my work-for-hire assignments, I ventured into self-publishing with my memoir, An Issue of Blood—Facing Uterine Cancer with Faith. I blogged about it last fall, in my post “10 Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book Using Amazon CreateSpace.” Self-publishing turned out to be a positive learning experience, and I am considering doing more of it—as time permits. I already have several new work-for-hire projects on my agenda. That’s good news for this self-employed writer.

This week, I want to share with you four blogs that I read daily. I enjoy starting my day reading about writing and the publishing industry. Maybe you do, too.

My first “read” is always Steve Laube’s blog. Steve Laube is the president and founder of The Steve Laube Agency and a 33-year veteran of the bookselling industry. He specializes in the Christian book market. I go to this blog for an eclectic mix of articles about writing and publishing and to see the industry from an agent’s point of view.


My next stop is Laura Christianson’s “Blogging Bistro.” Laura’s blog focuses on social media and includes how-tos about everything from customizing your Facebook Timeline to getting a perfect business portrait. I think it is important to stay current on social media topics in this fast-paced digital age, and this blog has a wealth of information.


Jane Friedman’s blog is another that I subscribe to. Jane is the former publisher of Writer’s Digest and an expert on digital publishing. This is my go-to blog for articles about how the digital age is transforming the publishing industry. Jane’s blog covers multiple topics including getting published, self-publishing, marketing, and promotion.


The final stop on my blog tour is Author Media. There is always something interesting here. It has tech tips for authors as well as articles on book marketing, blogging, platform building, and much more. I find  so many interesting posts here that I often link to them on my Facebook page. Take a look at their post “14 Publishing Predictions for 2014.”


Visit them all and subscribe for an inspirational start to a brand new year.


*NOTE: Any ads appearing in this post were not put there by me nor do I endorse them. WordPress sometimes posts ads in exchange for hosting this free blog.


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3 responses to “My Top 4 Favorite Blogs for Writers

  1. Thanks for this blog list, Jean. I knew about Jane Friedman’s site, as well as Blogging Bistro, but am new to the other two. Great tips.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. Thank you for these links, Jean. I’ve been to one or two, but need to revisit and then check the others out as well. Enjoy your week! 🙂


  3. Welcome back, Jean! I subscribe to Blogging Bistro. They have some excellent articles.


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