David Stewart Warner’s “The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing”

revisiting-the-7-deadly-sinsThis week, I found writer David Stewart Warner’s blog, “Eclectic Pills,” where he published a series of posts titled “The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing.” Perhaps you have seen them shared on Pinterest or Facebook. If not, read on—

Sin #1: PRIDE: When you write to please others, hoping they see your writing as an amazing work of art—or fearing that they may not.

Sin #2: ENVY: When you’re not happy for the writing success of others; secretly hoping they fail.

Sin#3: SLOTH: When you allow your disappointments and your doubts to take over, preventing you from writing daily.

Sin #4: GLUTTONY: When everything is about writing and getting published; there’s no room for anything else, including friends and family.

Sin #5: GREED: When you start to dream and to write for the money—not for the love of storytelling.

Sin #6 WRATH: When you blame yourself or others if you’re not seeing the success you’ve dreamed of.

Sin #7 LUST: When you desire writing success above everything else, including the true reasons you began writing in the first place—the love of writing and reading.

I’m guilty of a few of these. Are you?

Thank you David Stewart Warner for keeping us humble, and if you should read this post, WELL DONE.


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