You Are Where You Write

Where do you write? At a desk? In your favorite chair? In the closet!  This week, I’ve decided to break from my usual format to share with you photos of famous and not-so-famous writing spaces. Do any of these look like yours?

Albert Einstein preferred writing in what might be described as minimalist clutter.


And then there’s Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, university professor and author of The Self-Determination of Peoples. Can you find him hiding in his writing space?


Roald Dahl wrote in a shed among organized clutter and in his favorite easy chair.


Mark Twain enjoyed a big, tidy desk with plenty of storage.


And Jane Austin wins the neatness award for her tiny, window-side writing table.


Some not-so-famous writers prefer to write in closets.


And others, like myself, would love to write here:


I have no idea who designed this Cadillac of all writing chairs, but it’s pretty amazing, don’t you think?


But not as amazing as this:


And if you love Foot’s Adjustable Chair Couch, you can have a modern version of your very own!


So, there you have them, favorite writing spaces of the famous and not-s0-famous.

Do you want to know more about where writers write? Then check out this article from “Poets & Writers Magazine” The Importance of Place: Where Writers Write and Why.

Until next time, happy writing wherever you are!


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2 responses to “You Are Where You Write

  1. Interesting! I had to pin a few of these on my Pinterest page, thanks.

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! My writing space is a mix between Jane Austin and Mark Twain’s. 🙂

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