5 Ways To Use Pinterest More Efficiently

This is the third and final post in my “Pinterest for Writers” series. Now that you’re comfortable with the concept of Pinterest and pinning, I’ll tell you how to use this popular social media tool more efficiently.


1. Invite And Find Friends On Pinterest. Pinterest is all about sharing and connecting with like-minded people. Invite friends to view your boards, and follow friends to see their pins on the main page.

 Pinterest gives you several easy options for finding friends already using Pinterest and also inviting new friends. Click on the menu under your name (in the upper right corner of your Pinterest page). Click on “Invite Friends,” and you’ll land on a page where you can invite your friends via email. In the same menu click on “Find Friends,” and with your permission Pinterest will search your email, Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts and let you know which of your friends are already using Pinterest. A button next to each name makes it easy for you to follow your friends’ boards.

2. Edit Your Boards. Be specific with your board titles. Make them easy to find in a search. Add a brief description to engage viewers with your board’s topic.

Whenever you add a board to your wall, Pineterest asks you to assign a title, description, and category. You can edit this information, whenever you want, just by clicking on “Edit” under the picture of the board on your wall. You also have the option of editing the board cover (the picture that appears on your wall.) Place your cursor over the picture on your wall, click on “Edit Board Cover,” and you can scroll through all of your pins and choose the one that you want.

3. Organize Your Boards. Make your wall attractive. Pinterest allows you to arrange and rearrange the boards on your wall into any order you want.

Go to your wall, and place your cursor on the board icon next to “Edit Profile” in the menu above your boards. Clicking on the icon allows you to drag and drop your boards into any order you choose. When you’re done, click on the red checkmark to save your arrangement.

4. Share A Board. Are you working on a project with a friend or colleague? Pinterest makes it easy for you to work together.

Under “Edit Board,” you will see a category called “Who Can Pin?” You can enter either the name of someone already using Pinterest or the email of a friend and invite them to share the board. You can work independently and add pins to the same board. And remember from last week’s post—Pinterest now provides you with three secret boards that only you and invited pinners can see. This is a valuable tool for writers’ research.

5. Be Efficient When Pinning From Other Web Sites. It’s fun to repin pins from other pinners, but sometimes you’ll want to upload pins from other web pages you visit. If you haven’t installed the “Pin Button” do it now. You will find instructions HERE.

When you are on a web page and you see something you want to pin, simply click on the Pin Button in your browser’s toolbar. The next screen takes you to a picture or a choice of pictures to pin. Choose the picture you want, and click on it.  A box will appear with a picture of your pin. In the dropdown menu, choose the board on which you want to pin it. Add a description, if you’d like. Then click the red “pin it” button. Now, the pin is on your board and available for others to see.

Here’s a nifty trick. Before you click on the Pin Button in your toolbar menu, highlight any text on the web page that you want to appear as the description for your pin. Pinterest will automatically load it into the description box.

So there you have it! The complete guide to Pinterest for beginners. Leave a comment, and let us know what you think of Pinterest. If you include a link to your wall, I’ll follow you!

Happy pinning!



*NOTE: Any ads appearing in this post were not put there by me nor do I endorse them. WordPress sometimes posts ads in exchange for hosting this free blog.

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