“13 Ways to Use Leftover Turkey”—by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

Oh, dear! I’ve found a new blog to occupy my time—LISTS OF NOTE. Its creator, Shaun Usher, posts lists from famous and otherwise noteworthy people. Yes, folks, lists, and lots of them. There’s plenty of inspiration here for writers.

For example, who wouldn’t be interested in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s list of 13 ways to use leftover turkey? Here is a bit of what the famous Mr. Fitzgerald had to say (Keep in mind, friends, that this brilliant author drank and drank often.):

Turkey Mousse: Seed a large prone turkey, being careful to remove the bones, flesh, fins, gravy, etc. Blow up with a bicycle pump. Mount in becoming style and hang in the front hall.

Turkey à la Crême: Prepare the crême a day in advance. Deluge the turkey with it and cook for six days over a blast furnace. Wrap in fly paper and serve.

Turkey Remnant: This is one of the most useful recipes for, though not, “chic,” it tells what to do with the turkey after the holiday, and how to extract the most value from it. Take the remants, or, if they have been consumed, take the various plates on which the turkey or its parts have rested and stew them for two hours in milk of magnesia. Stuff with moth-balls.

And then there’s this: “The Fake Books of Charles Dickens.” In his intro to this list, Shaun Usher writes:

“When Charles Dickens moved into Tavistock House in 1851, he decided to fill two spaces in his new study with bookcases containing fake books, the witty titles of which he had invented. And so, on October 22nd, he wrote to a bookbinder named Thomas Robert Eeles and supplied him with the following list of imitation book-backs to be produced.”

A few of the titles:

Jonah’s Account of the Whale

Catalogue of Statues of the Duke of Wellington

The Art of Cutting the Teeth

You can read the rest of them HERE.

One of the things I love about this site is that it includes the sources from which Shaun Usher found the lists. He also includes photos of the list makers.

If LISTS OF NOTE doesn’t keep you busy enough, then Usher has another blog, LETTERS OF NOTE, which is equally jam-packed with interesting stuff.

As I said at the beginning of this post, “Oh, dear!” There are just too many things to peruse on these sites.



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One response to ““13 Ways to Use Leftover Turkey”—by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

  1. I agree, who wouldn’t be interested! Thanks for the links, Jean. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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