More Fun with Words—The Strange and Unusual

Wake up those tired words! Here’s a carnival of links guaranteed to leave you amazed, flabbergasted, and even dumbfounded!

The first stop on our tour of the unusual is “Fun With Words, A Celebration of the English Language.” Here, along with some practical information, you’ll find a glossary of fun words and a collection of factual oddities like: CHECKBOOK, nine letters long, is the longest word in the English language composed entirely of letters with horizontal symmetry in upper case.” Also, try out “The Dialectizer,” where, just for fun, you can change the dialect of any text you enter.

Now, let’s move on to the “Luciferous Logolepsy.” Its author says: “The name of this project is also its description: Luciferous [adj. – illuminating, literally and figuratively] Logolepsy [n. – an obsession with words], in other words: ‘an illuminating obsession with words.’” At this site, you’ll encounter a collection of thousands of obscure English words certain to arouse your curiosity—scandaroon, keelivine, gaberlunzie, dapifir.  Have you woven schizothemia into any of your writing? Linger a while here and feed your obsession.

Moving right along, we come to “The Phroneistery,” a superfluity of language links both practicable and obscure. Begin with the “International House of Logorrhea.” Then visit the “Compendium of Lost Words.” Next, wander through the glossaries listed in the sidebar menu, but don’t get lost, we have two more stops on our tour.

You must be feeling overwhelmed by all those weird and wonderful words swirling around in your brain, so we’ll stop just briefly at National Public Radio’s “A Way With Words.”  Come back when you have an hour or so to spare, and listen to one of the podcasts. I recommend that you start with “Secret Gibberish” where you’ll discover, among other things, what you should do when someone yells, “Hold ‘er Newt! She’s headed for the barn!” Spend some leisure time playing the puzzles and word games.

Our final stop is the word café at the “Macmillian Dictionary Thesaurus.” Peruse a menu of words that describe the consistency of food. Savor a cup of coffee (words). Put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the Labor Day holiday.

See you in September!

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7 responses to “More Fun with Words—The Strange and Unusual

  1. This is wonderful, Jean! I need to bookmark this and leisurely check these links out. Thanks so much for putting it together. Your blog is always full of great treasures. 🙂


  2. Wow! A treasure chest full of fun and great ideas. Thanks for posting..I’d love to share it on my WordPress blog. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks and blessings of joy to you.


  3. Reblogged this on Barbjan10's Blog and commented:
    A wonderful post by Jean Fischer on her Something to Write Home About blog. It’s a pleasure to share it with you.


  4. How nice of you, Barb. Thank you!


  5. I wish I had time to visit every one of these links. They sound like fun. Have you seen the vocabulary quiz that puts a grain of rice into a bowl for a child?


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