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Yesterday, I searched the web looking for short videos about writing to post on my Facebook page. Friends, do you know how many writing videos are swirling around in cyberspace? Hundreds. Maybe even thousands! If you’re a writer looking for an alternative to watching reruns or the Summer Olympics on TV, then check out these sites:

First, head on over to for “100 Inspiring Educational Videos for Writers.”

  •  There you’ll find instructional videos, author interviews, and author advice about fiction and nonfiction, journalism and media, poetry, screenplays and drama, classic literature, the business of publishing, and more.

Next, wander in to Barnes and Nobel and then visit Simon and Schuster.

  •  Barnes and Noble’s “Meet the Writers” offers author interviews, authors reading excerpts from their books, book trailers, and a whole menu of other topics about books and reading. On the first page, you’ll find a selection of children’s book authors reading their books. Be sure to visit the channels listed in the menu, and especially “Video Interviews.”
  •  Simon and Schuster has a similar collection of author interviews on a variety of writing topics. Locating them on the publisher’s website can be daunting, but they are easily found via Google. Click HERE.

If you’re not overwhelmed yet with writing advice, the next stop is

  •  This site has a ton of videos of interest to all writers, not just freelancers. You will find some duplication from the other sites I’ve noted, but there are plenty of new videos to keep you busy. You can browse the entire list by clicking on “Next Entries” at the bottom of each page.

And if you want even more, then drift over to

  •  They’ve compiled 100 pages of links to videos about writers, books, and writing. Yes, 100 pages! What I like about the short videos on BigThink is that many address the struggles and challenges that writers face. Listen to professional writers speak about how writing tests their skill and how they sometimes agonize to get through their manuscripts.

So there you have it, my blogging friends, hundreds and hundreds of videos about writing—enough to keep you busy until the fall television season starts, or maybe even the next Summer Olympics.

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  1. Thank you for putting this together, Jean! I think it might be fun to spend an afternoon viewing some of these – creating a personal writing conference. 🙂


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