A Rotating Writing Shed

Don’t you love how a simple Internet search can lead you on wonderful side trip adventures? I’ve been thinking this week about redecorating my home office. A quick Google search sent me to an article “Creating Your Writing Space” on Christian Writing Today.com. That sent me exploring writing spaces of famous authors, which led me to several articles about George Bernard Shaw’s rotating writing hut.

Shaw wrote in a small, simple shed on his property.

But simple didn’t mean unsophisticated. Behind those shabby outer walls was an office with electricity, a telephone, and a buzzer system connected to his house.

Even more sophisticated was the turntable foundation on which he built the shed. Think of it set on a large Lazy Susan.

Why a rotating shed? The only window was placed directly across from the door. This allowed Shaw to rotate his writing shed so the window or door faced the wind and created cross ventilation. If Shaw preferred to work in direct light, all he had to do was go outside and rotate the shed so the sun shone through the window. On cool days, the sunny window helped to heat the shed. On warm days, Shaw could rotate the shed so the window was in the shade. The flexibility of being able to rotate his writing space created an ideal writing environment for Shaw.

On my little Internet side trip, I even found a rough plan for building one of these.

So what do you think? Will you be heading to the lumberyard this weekend for supplies?

If you liked this post, visit  Fuel Your Writing‘s web page and type “writing spaces” into the search bar. They have more than a few good articles on spaces where writers write.

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12 responses to “A Rotating Writing Shed

  1. Now that’s what I call super-cool. I’m afraid it wouldn’t work for me, however. It took me a long time to get my carport room office, and I don’t think I could make it rotate without rotating the whole house. Not worth any serious thought…

  2. I think it’s super-cool, too .. but, can you imagine the conversation with the contractor: “I’d like a little writing hut built in my back yard, and oh, by the way, I want it to rotate.”

  3. What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing this, Jean – it’s so clever. It’ll be interesting to see the look on my husband’s face when I tell him I want a Lazy Susan office. 🙂

  4. Dee

    How ingenious…I would have wanted to put windows all around as I love to have the daylight come in, but the rotation of the entire building allowed for that with only one window! Love it! I think it would also make a cool art room!

  5. That is very interesting! A little too small for my touch of claustrophobia, but I like the idea of being outdoors. I would also need more windows!

  6. LOL! Me head for the lumber yard? Not a likely scenario. I must say he was quite inventive.

  7. Okay, I can relate. I take the laptop and move around the house, depending on which room gets the sun!

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