Taking The Mystery Out Of Facebook

When writers (or anyone else, for that matter) start using Facebook, most of their questions begin with “How do I . . .”  So in this post, I’m going to share a few links that will help to unravel some of the most common Facebook mysteries.


What is Timeline?

If you use Facebook, you’ve probably heard of Timeline, Facebook’s new “look.” Before long, all Facebook users’ profile pages will have the new Timeline format. For an example of what the Timeline format looks like, view my profile page HERE.

How do I update my Facebook profile page to Timeline?

You can change your profile page to the Timeline format now, or you can wait until Facebook makes you do it. In either case, Mashable’s web site provides a “Quick Guide to Setting Up Your Facebook Timeline” HERE. It’s not hard at all if you follow a few simple steps.

Where can I find a header picture (AKA Facebook cover) for my new Timeline page?

My Facebook Covers.com has hundreds of covers to choose from, searchable by keyword and categorized by theme. Adding a cover from this site is easy. Choose a cover, click on “Make my Facebook Cover,” and the cover is automatically uploaded to your Timeline profile page.

Christian authors will find a nice selection of covers at Believers4Ever.com. You simply download the cover to your computer and upload it to Facebook.

Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can make your own cover at Timeline Cover Maker.com.


What are Facebook’s rules about authors hosting contests or promoting anything on Facebook?

If you host book giveaways or any sort of contest and link to your Facebook page, you need to be aware of Facebook’s rules. Read Mediabistro’s article “Facebook Restricts Authors’ Ability To Host Contests” HERE.

Recently, Facebook has been enforcing these rules and has banned selected authors for promoting anything on their personal profile pages. Read “Big Brother, Thy Name is Facebook” HERE.

How do I set up a Business (Author’s) page on Facebook?

Another article on the Mashable site tells you step-by-step how to set up a business or author’s page on Facebook. Find it HERE.

And Katie Ganshert on her blog “Writing Faith and Romance” has a nice post called, “The Mysterious Facebook Author Page.” Read it HERE.

And HERE you’ll find a very informative article about “The Power of Facebook for Writers.”

I hope that these links have been helpful. Next time, I’ll unravel some of the mysteries surrounding Twitter.

And before you leave, will you please LIKE my Facebook page HERE?



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9 responses to “Taking The Mystery Out Of Facebook

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jean!

  2. I appreciate your gathering all this pertinent information in one place for those of us who write. I will want to refer back to this post often.

  3. Thanks. I’ll be linking to this post in a future Friday Round-up!

  4. Jean, thanks so much for all this info! Been meaning to switch over to the timeline and just haven’t taken the time to do it. I think I’ve been subconsciously putting it off because I wasn’t sure of how it would work. You’ve answered my questions – thanks a bunch!

  5. Jean:
    I didn’t understand what this ‘timeline’ was. Thanks for the information. I hope to make this change soon. BTW, I like your name for this new blog.

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